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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Volibear, The Thunder’s Roar Revealed

  • Rolling Thunder: Volibear drops to all fours and runs faster if chasing an enemy champion. The first enemy he attacks is knocked into the air.
  • Frenzy: Volibear's repeated attacks grant him additional attack speed. Once Volibear has repeatedly attacked four times, he can perform a vicious bite on his target.
  • Majestic Roar: Volibear lets out a powerful roar that damages and slows enemies. Minions and monsters are feared as well.
  • Thunder Claws (Ultimate): Volibear channels the power of the storm causing his attacks to blast his targets with lightning that bounces to other nearby enemies.
  • Chosen of the Storm (passive): Volibear heals rapidly for a few seconds when his health drops to a critical level.
Though the northern reaches of Freljord are some of the most unforgiving lands in Valoran, the Ursine have survived upon the region's barren, stormy tundra for centuries. As a fierce and respected warrior of the Ursine, Volibear devoted his life to the protection of his people and loyalty to his elder brother, the tribe's chief. When his brother was killed during a hunt on the tundra, the tribe looked to Volibear as his successor. It was an honor and a burden that Volibear had never expected, but he shouldered the charge with pride. However, by Ursine tradition, the tribe could not recognize Volibear as chief until he returned from a journey to the peak of their sacred mountain, a place forever shrouded in a thundering maelstrom. There, Ursine chieftains must speak to the storm itself, gaining clarity and wisdom to empower them as mighty leaders.
Donning the chieftain's traditional armor and enchanted gauntlets, Volibear began the long and perilous climb up the slopes of the mountain. When he reached the peak and gazed into the raging storm above, he saw a horrific vision of a Freljord utterly consumed by war. Amidst the carnage, the Ursine fell dead upon a bloody battlefield. Believing the vision to be an omen of things to come if he did not act against them, Volibear traveled to the capitol of Freljord. The Ursine had not ventured across the southern mountains in centuries and his appearance was met with unease. However, Queen Ashe recognized Volibear as a wise and powerful ally. In what Volibear considered the first step against a war-torn future, they forged an alliance. As part of their agreement, he joined the League of Legends in the name of a unified Freljord, representing the primal might of his nation on the Field of Justice.
''Few can weather the storm that follows in the wake of Volibear's roar.'' - Ashe, the Frost Archer

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Art Spotlight – Fizz, the Tidal Trickster

They say that, following a good brainstorm session, the good ideas just float to the top. But when Kienan Lafferty startred telling us that he’s come up with the perfect splash art for Fizz following a long series of drafts, we started thinking that maybe he’d jumped the shark. Fortunately, when we saw the artwork it blew all of our expectations out of the water!
Please enjoy this high-speed rendition of Kienan Lafferty making a splash with the artwork for Fizz, the Tidal Trickster!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Champion Sneak Peek – Fizz, the Tidal Trickster

If you’re not a strong swimmer, you might want to take a moment before you dive in to meet this next champion! Allow me to introduce Fizz, the Tidal Trickster. Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water, there comes an undersea champion with a penchant for mischief and an affinity for a few marine carnivores! Be on the lookout for fins.  

Friday, November 4, 2011

Inside Design: Summoner Spells and Season Two!

Going into Season Two, we’d like to open up the playing field for a greater variety of summoner spell choices. With this objective in mind, we’re going to retouch the existing summoner spells to shake up the classic compositions, and to help them better support the strategy of a given team composition.
Here are a few changes that you can expect to see coming up in Season Two.
Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger!
Most of the classic summoner spells that you’re used to seeing will still be there for you to use heading into Season Two. Many of them will be getting retuned, however, to better suit the more aggressive gameplay that we want to promote in the new competitive season.
Most notably, Flash and Clairvoyance – largely considered the two most powerful summoner spells – will each be coming down a notch going into Season Two. Flash will now have both reduced range and an increased cooldown to make summoners feel less obligated to select it. Clairvoyance will also be receiving an increased cooldown and reduced duration to make it require more tactical use and be less punishing to junglers.
Heal and Cleanse, on the other hand, will each be receiving buffs to make them more attractive selections. Heal will now scale much more strongly into late game, while Cleanse will now remove summoner spell effects such as Ignite and Exhaust.
Out with the Old!
In addition to these changes, there were a couple of older summoner spells that didn’t really fit into how the game has developed since release. We opted to remove these less utilized summoner spells and replace them with some new options. In particular, we’ll be bidding farewell to both the Fortify spell and the Rally spell.
Rally suffers from a few unique disadvantages that are not symptomatic of the other summoner spells. Not only is it a stationary effect in a game that favors high-mobility play, but it can be quickly focus-fired and destroyed by an enemy team with good combat awareness. As a result, the Rally spell has seen little usage, and won’t be making a comeback in Season Two.
As for Fortify, one of the goals of our design changes going into the new competitive season is to continue to encourage aggressive, exciting gameplay. Having a summoner spell that promotes stagnant play by completely shutting down pushes, while also being unpopular, doesn’t mesh with our Season Two goals. We’ll be replacing this relic with a spell we think has a stronger place in the game.
And in with the New!
To fill the void left by the removal of these two spells, we’ll be supplementing the remaining complement of summoner spells with some new choices. This includes the return of the Promote summoner spell and the introduction of the new “Surge” (name not yet final) spell.
“Surge” is a brand new summoner spell that will imbue your champion with a powerful aura, boosting the combat effectiveness of both you and your allies. This new spell will fill the same niche that Rally was intended to occupy without suffering from all the adverse caveats that come with being linked to a stationary object.
Additionally, rather than promote stagnant gameplay through the Fortify spell, we’ve retooled the Promote spell for use on Summoner’s Rift. Like its Dominion equivalent this spell will provide a single minion with a significant buff to its Range, Health, Armor, and Magic Resistance stats. Unlike the incarnation of Promote that was present in the League of Legends Beta, however, this new spell can only be cast on a cannon minion, preventing a group of players from spamming it to aggressively push a single lane.
Spell it out for me!
Ultimately, these new summoner spells will help encourage more aggressive and exciting gameplay in the new season. Additionally, the spells will help to promote more varied team strategies in order to open up the playing field for unexpected new styles of play. We hope that these changes will make for a generation of new and interesting gameplay as we head into Season Tw

Monday, October 31, 2011

Shyvana, the Half-Dragon Revealed

Shyvana is a melee champion that heavily rewards aggression. She does so by utilizing a modified Fury* resource that accrues anytime Shyvana lands an auto-attack. Once her Fury is full, she can unleash it to transform into a dragon, giving her substantial buffs, ability enhancements and some upfront damage.

  • Twin Bite
    • Shyvana strikes twice on her next attack. Both attacks trigger On-Hit effects and Fury of the Dragonborn effects.
    • Dragon Form: Twin Bite cleaves all units in front of Shyvana.
  • Burnout
    • Shyvana deals magic damage per second to nearby enemies and her Movement Speed is greatly increased for 3 seconds. Shyvana's Movement Speed bonus is reduced over time.
    • Dragon Form: Burnout scorches the earth, continuing to damage enemies that stand on it.
  • Flame Breath
    • Shyvana unleashes a fireball that deals magic damage and melts the target's Armor for 4 seconds.
    • Dragon Form: Flame Breath engulfs all units in a cone in front of Shyvana.
  • Dragon's Descent (Ultimate)
    • Active: Shyvana transforms into a dragon and takes flight to a target location. Enemies along her path take magic damage and are knocked toward her target location.
    • Passive: Shyvana reinforces her scales, increasing her Armor and Magic Resist. Defensive bonuses are doubled in Dragon Form.
  • Fury of the Dragonborn (Passive)
    • Shyvana's melee attacks enhance her abilities.
      • Twin Bite - Reduces the cooldown by 0.5 seconds.
      • Burnout - Extends the duration by 1 second to a maximum of 6 seconds.
      • Flame Breath - Deals 20% of the ability's damage to debuffed targets.
      • Dragon's Descent - Attacks generate 2 Fury* and Shyvana passively gains Fury* over time while in human form.
*Note: Fury was mislabeled “Dragon’s Blood” in the mechanics preview

There are those few dragons in Runeterra who have mastered the intense magical energies that course through their unique anatomies, evolving into an elusive Celestial Dragon. These powerful and enigmatic creatures spend most of their time hidden away from the lands of men. However, there are those who find themselves drawn to civilization and who take on human forms to immerse themselves in the world of humans. Occasionally, one finds itself drawn to the spirit of a human and they have relations. Sometimes, in the slimmest of odds, the union will bear fruit and that offspring will be one of the few half-dragons to have graced Runeterra.
Shyvana is one such creature, born to a simple Demacian farm-girl and her Celestial Dragon father. Left to be raised by her mother, her oddities were something that couldn't be hidden from her community, though she was protected by her family. Once her family had perished in disaster, she was left alone for the first time – truly alone. Shyvana quickly became an outsider and it wasn't long before the community's fear began to put her in danger. Facing mortal danger at the business end of an angry mob, she was rescued by the traveling noble, Jarvan Lightshield. The noble was a man who strangely knew exactly what she was and took her under his wing. It wasn't long before she was offered a chance to use her natural skills in the service of Demacia, as Jarvan initiated her as one of the elite guard. Following Jarvan into the League of Legends was only natural.
Shyvana is a fierce warrior, with the blood of one of the most powerful magical predators in all creation flowing through her veins. Unlike some of her fellows, she is a subdued personality – somber, cool, and collected. However, when the moment strikes, her draconian heritage manifests and there are few that can stare her in the eyes and not feel the primal urge to flee.
“By the blood of my father, I will end you!”

Saturday, October 29, 2011

New Possible Item: BFF Sword

Here comes Talon eating everybody.

League of Legends - Shyvana Patch Preview

Welcome to the Shyvana Patch Preview, summoners! The purpose of this video is to detail the major balance and gameplay changes coming with the next patch. For a glimpse into incoming changes for Graves, Olaf, Shaco, Wukong, and Dominion, take a look at the video!

Thursday, October 27, 2011


Some of you may be aware that today is a very special day. On a day just like this one, two years ago, a group of around 50 developers got together and launched a game that would grow into a phenomenon: League of Legends. That’s right, summoners! League of Legends is two years old today! We’ve grown and improved by leaps and bounds since release, and with your participation we’re hosting millions of epic battles on the Fields of Justice in countries all over the world.
And so today, to celebrate this milestone, we’re throwing a party. And who better to help us get the drop on everyone than Surprise Party Fiddlesticks!
To commemorate two years of pitched battles on the Field of Justice, we’re pleased to bring you this festive take on your favorite Harbinger of Doom; a legendary skin for only 975 Riot Points!This startling new take on Fiddlesticks will feature:

  • New and sinister sound effects on all of Fiddlesticks’ abilities
  • A shocking new model featuring party hats and balloons
  • Frighteningly festive spell effects
Don’t miss this chance to surprise your enemies with this shocking new look for Fiddlesticks! Head on over to the League of Legends Store today! And happy birthday, summoners!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Shyvana Mechanics Preview

For this mechanics preview, we wanted to focus less on the individual abilities of our upcoming champion and talk about the skillset and character flow of Shyvana, the Half Dragon, as a whole.
Shyvana is a melee champion that heavily rewards aggression. She does so by utilizing a system called Dragon’s Blood, a resource that accrues anytime Shyvana lands an auto-attack. Once her Dragon’s Blood is full, she can unleash it to transform into a dragon, giving her substantial buffs, ability enhancements and some upfront damage. While in dragon form, Shyvana’s Dragon’s Blood is slowly consumed, though she can continue auto-attacking to extend the duration of the Dragon Form and maximize her damage output with each use.
It’s also worth mentioning that Shyvana’s ultimate has no cooldown, but can only be used when her reserve of Dragon’s Blood is full. The right set of circumstances can allow a skilled player to transform much more often than other would otherwise be possible.
In addition, all of Shyvana’s abilities also have benefits that trigger when she auto-attacks. This is to differentiate her from the “melee caster” paradigm embodied by some other characters, making her play somewhere between an Attack Damage carry and a fighter.
Simply put, Shyvana is for players who like any of the following:

  • Offensive, aggressive playstyles
  • Melee carries or fighters
  • The idea of being a super-rad dragon

We think this wantonly aggressive playstyle is something we haven’t seen previously on the Fields of Justice. It’s an exciting opportunity for players to experience a new way to play League of Legends.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Haunting Noctune Got a New Particle!!

HORAY!!, New Particles this made me SOOOOO Happy :) how about yu... do you like tha changes that happened?

Champion Sneak Peek – Shyvana, the Half-Dragon

Eventually everyone has one of those moments where life throws them a curve ball and they learn that you sometimes meet people who are full of surprises. So, when we first ran into Shyvana, the Half-Dragon, suffice to say we were rather taken aback indeed when we saw her actually transform into a dragon.
So unless you’re a truly incorrigible herpetophobic, we’re confident that you’ll find that not all surprises have to be unpleasant.

Fan Art: Wooden Runes By LegendsParody(iSpoonYou)

Hah earlier i showed you this wooden rune that i has been working on....well i finally finished :)  ENJOY!



Layers + Main Part

Stained Work

Stained Layers

Shined Final Product

Final Product

Final Product

Hope you guys enjoyed :) Thanks

Monday, October 24, 2011

Get Ready for the Season Two Circuit!

The beginning of the Season Two Circuit is fast approaching in North America and Europe! Over the course of the Circuit, the most prestigious live events will award Circuit Points, allowing the participants to advance in the official Season Two standings. At the end of the Season, the top competitors from each region will advance to the Regional Championships, where they will go head-to-head to determine who will represent their region in at the League of Legends Season Two Championship!
Each live event will be worth circuit points distributed across the top eight places. In credit to the accomplishments of our top competitors, we will be retroactively awarding the winners of all Intel Extreme Masters, IGN Pro League, and Major League Gaming events that already took place following the conclusion of Season One. In the case of international competitions, teams can only acquire points for those that take place in their region.
At the end of the season, the teams that have accrued the most Circuit Points will do battle for the right to take on the world at the League of Legends Season Two Championship. There they will compete against the best teams from all regions, including North America, Europe, Southeast Asia, and China for a prize purse worth millions of dollars!
Prepare yourselves, summoners! The battle for Season Two is fast approaching! Stay tuned for additional information as we draw closer to the official start date!
Spectator Mode
We are also pleased to announce that the first public release of our highly anticipated Spectator Mode is now in limited beta. Previously limited to use only on our tournament realm, you will now be able to select this option to spectate a game during designated testing periods. As with our previous limited beta releases, Spectator Mode will become fully available as soon as we are comfortable with its performance.
As a spectator, you’ll be able to jump to the perspective of either team, following the action as they see it. You can even opt to remove the fog of war altogether for a truly global view of the battlefield. Additionally the spectator will be able to quickly and easily reference information on either team such as in-game stats, item builds, gold totals, and ability cooldowns.
While it is currently only available in Custom Games, remember that, like all things League of Legends, there are still plenty of updates to come. Stay tuned for more news on Spectator Mode in future patches.
Spectator mode can be an excellent tool for those players interested in learning more of the nuances of League of Legends gameplay, or for shoutcasters interested in commentating on competitive play. If you are interested in spectating games, you should pay a visit to our Spectator Mode FAQ to learn more about this exciting new feature.
This new feature is the first of many that will be forthcoming as we approach Season Two. Stay tuned for more information on this and other highly anticipated updates!

Friday, October 21, 2011

League of Legends is Getting Older!


Here at Riot Games, October is our favorite time of year. And that’s not just because we like carved pumpkins, delicious candy, colored leaves, blustery days, scary stories, mysterious concoctions, and the occasional costume party. It’s because a couple of years ago, around this time of year, we all got together and shipped a little game called League of Legends! 

That’s right, summoners! League of Legends is turning two this year, and we’d like to extend you all a cordial invitation to come celebrate this momentous occasion with us. A lot can happen in a year, but we hope that you all agree that League of Legends, like a fine wine, is only getting better with age!

We’ve got a couple surprises in store, so be sure to check back on Thursday, the 27th of October, to celebrate the birth of League of Legends with all of us! 


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Something I've been working on

I made this Rune a Seal Tier 2 Rune. This is actually the first time i make a fan art using wood. I hope you enjoy.

It's not done yet, i have to put on some Varathane Coats to make it look shiny and better.

Harrowing Skins & Graves Splash Art Credit: Maka - Host

Frankentibbers Annie

Definitely Not Blitzcrank

Bewitching Nidalee 
Haunted Nocturne

Cable X-Men

Tropic Thunder Graves

Have a Harrowing Good time with Limited Edition Skins!

The Harrowing is upon us once more! It’s time to don your most terrifying Harrowing regalia, munch some delicious candy corn, and bob for some tasty mana-encrusted apples! From the highest peaks of Freljord to the deepest dungeons of Noxus, all of Valoran is showing their holiday spirit!
Of course, no one is more in touch with their Harrowing spirit than Annie, Blitzcrank, Nidalee, and Nocturne. In the upcoming patch, you’ll find them sporting the finest costumes down at the Institute of Horror, Valoran’s most horrifying House of Harrowing!
But be forewarned! If this haunted attraction isn’t frightening enough, you’ll be terrified to hear that these skins are only available for a limited time

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Lore:Malcolm Graves was born in the back of a Bilgewater tavern and left there with a bottle of spiked milk. He survived a childhood in the pirate-run slums using every dirty trick in the book. Intent on building a new life for himself, he stowed away on the first ship to the mainland he could sneak aboard. However, the grim realities of the world forced him to eke out an unsavory living in the underground of various city-states, jumping the border whenever things got too hot. At a particularly high-stakes game of cards, he found himself seated opposite Twisted Fate. They both flipped four aces on the final hand. It was the first time either conman had met his equal. The two formed an alliance, swindling marks at the tables and scrapping back-to-back in the alleys afterward. Together, they ran the streets – stacking chips, decks, and rap sheets.
Unfortunately Graves made the mistake of hustling a hefty sum from Dr. Aregor Priggs, a high-ranking Zaunite official and businessman. When Priggs discovered how he’d been played, he became obsessed with revenge. He learned about Twisted Fate’s all-consuming desire to control magic and he promptly offered him a trade: serve Graves up in exchange for enrollment in a procedure which would grant his wish. Twisted Fate took the deal – both he and Graves knew the stakes of their arrangement, but the offer was too good. Once acquired, Priggs had Graves taken to a special location built to hold men whose crimes – or more precisely their punishments – were meant to stay off the books. Graves endured years of captivity at the hands of Zaun’s most unscrupulous wardens before he managed to escape. One of his fellow detainees introduced him to an eccentric gunsmith who modified a shotgun exactly to his specifications. He named it “Destiny.” After he paid a visit to Priggs, Graves joined the League of Legends with two targets in his sights: Twisted Fate and payback.
“They got a saying in the locker: ain’t got nothin’ but time to plan.” –Graves, the Outlaw
  • Buckshot: Graves fires three bullets in a cone damaging all enemies in the projectiles path. Enemies at close range can be hit by multiple projectiles, but each one beyond the first will deal reduced damage.
  • Smokescreen: Graves fires a smoke canister at the target area that deals damage and creates a cloud of smoke. Enemies inside the smoke cloud have reduced sight range and movement speed.
  • Quickdraw: Graves dashes forward gaining an attack speed boost for several seconds. Attacking enemies lowers the cooldown of this skill.
  • Collateral Damage (Ultimate): Graves fires an explosive shell dealing heavy damage to the first target it hits. After hitting a champion or reaching the end of its range the shell explodes dealing damage in a cone behind the target.
  • True Grit (Passive): Graves gains increasing armor and magic resistance the longer he remains in combat.

Xerath Skin Re-Done

In response to popular demand, we’ve decided to overhaul all of Xerath, the Magus Ascendant’s launch skins. Each Xerath skin will be receiving a complete makeover in response to community feedback. If you’ve purchased a Xerath skin, you’ll now find your Magus Ascendant sporting an eerie red or ominous green glow when you log in to play. You’ve asked for it summoners, and we’re here to deliver!
Also, if you haven’t yet picked up the latest champions, but you’ve decided that you’d like to in light of this new development, we’re going to be re-offering our bundle sales for Xerath, the Magus Ascendant, from Tuesday, October 11 until midnight Sunday, October 16. Don’t miss this second chance to pick up this awesome mage and his skins at reduced price!